sticks&stones sparkles&scandals sticks&stones sparkles&scandals
I believe in faith, trust, and pixie dust.
I believe that anythings possible. That everything happens for a reason. But most of all, I believe that dreams can come true.

A splash of color.
A pinch of dust
A heart of grief
With a ray of hope.
A life of scandals
Hidden by a smile.
A box of secrets.
A drop of rain.
A soul of dreams.
A kiss of chaos.
sticks & stones sparkles & scandals

Anonymous said: I'm so happy for you You've changed a lot since I first followed your blog A sign that life is truly amazing

Wow. Thank you thank you thank you. That means more than you know. When I found tumblr I was a very depressed person. I used it as an escape, a place to vent and complain. Now I wish to use it as a way to witness to people and inspire them. Thank you for following. Don’t ever give up. There is always hope. ♡♡


Vegetate by Jem Magbanua Illustration on Flickr.

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